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Volume 7, Number 8

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25 February 2002                                  Vol. 7, No. 8


  Solutions | InterMath | Tessellation Exploration - Kevin Lee
           The World of Trotter Math - Terry Trotter

      SOLUTIONS: 2002 MATHEMATICS GAME - Judy Ann Brown

  Students' solutions to the 2002 Mathematics Game have now
  been posted. Submissions are still being accepted for some
  digits. Check the UPDATE on this page for current



            INTERMATH - The University of Georgia


  Intermath supports teachers in becoming better mathematics
  educators. Their professional development workshops provide
  an ongoing support community, a lesson plan database, and a
  discussion board. The site provides mathematical
  investigations into:

    - Algebra
    - Geometry
    - Number Concepts
    - Data Analysis

  Funded by the National Science Foundation, InterMath is a
  collaborative effort between The University of Georgia,
  CEISMC/Georgia Institute of Technology, and regional
  technology centers in the state of Georgia.

  A searchable middle school-level mathematics dictionary

    - Description
    - Related Terms
    - Everyday Examples
    - Interactive Checkpoint
    - More Information
    - Challenge



  With the Tessellation Exploration software, transformational
  geometry concepts are reinforced as students create
  2-dimensional tessellations, then watch them slide, turn,
  flip, and glide on the screen. Students also explore
  tessellations that exist in the world, such as honeycombs,
  tile floors, and brick buildings.

  Download Demonstration Copy

  Tutorial Movie

  State Standards Alignment


          THE WORLD OF TROTTER MATH - Terry Trotter


  Terry Trotter, a retired math teacher who most recently
  taught at the Escuela Americana in San Salvador, has
  developed a variety of math lessons, activities, and
  investigations from his teaching experience. He organizes
  them under the following topics:

    - Activities with Simple Operations
    - Number Theory & Primes
    - Math with Calculators
    - Activities Involving Recursive Operations
    - Problem Solving
    - Solve Trotter's Own Problems (STOP) Math
    - Digital Expressions
    - Pythagorean Theorem
    - Games in Elementary Math
    - Number Trivia
    - Basic Algebra
    - Humor or Items of Lighthearted Math


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