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Volume 7, Number 9

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4 March 2002                                      Vol. 7, No. 9


        Pi Day Page - Sehome High School | CyberSurfari
              Dr. Math FAQ: Fast Food Combinations

                 PI DAY PAGE - Sehome High School

  Rachel Harrington, a teacher at Sehome High School in
  Bellingham, Washington, pointed us to what she did with her
  students for Pi Day last year. They made a Pi Chain. She got
  the idea from a student who made a necklace with 300 beads
  on it. Each bead represented a different digit of pi, with
  colors corresponding to the digits 0-9. She said that it got
  a little crazy, but it was a lot of fun.

  For more ideas to use for a Pi Day celebration:





  The Math Forum @ Drexel is participating in CyberSurfari's
  Spring, 2002 Internet Treasure Hunt. The object of the
  CyberSurfari contest is to find, read, and solve puzzles
  peppered throughout the Math Forum @ Drexel and other
  education sites.

  Sign up as an individual, family team, or school team:

  The contest runs through May 10th, 2002.


                   New from the Dr. Math FAQ

                     FAST FOOD COMBINATIONS

  Several contributors noticed when McDonald's introduced a
  special menu with 8 different items. An ad claimed that this
  creates 40312 possible combinations. Is this true?

  As answers to this question are explored, information on
  combinations and permutations is provided.


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