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Volume 8, Number 36

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8 September 2003                                Vol. 8, No. 36


               T2T FAQ | Polyhedra - Jorge Rezende
      Preparing for University Calculus | NOVA Teachers



   As many of you greet the new school year, browsing the
   Teacher2Teacher FAQ can provide you with new ideas:

     - First Day of School
     - First Year Suggestions

   Pages to share with parents:
     - Homework Help Ideas
     - Fraction Help
     - Multiplication Help
     - Searching for Information

   Pages to plan ahead with:
     - 100th Day of School
     - Assessment Preparation
     - Literature and Mathematics
     - Metric Week
     - Pi Day

   Have a question about teaching? Submit it here:



                     POLYHEDRA - JORGE REZENDE


   Professor Rezende of the Mathematics Department of the
   Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon has written a
   variety of puzzles with polyhedra and numbers.

   Download PDFs, print them out, and then follow Rezende's
   instructions to build the polyhedra. For each puzzle, place
   the number plates over the polyhedron faces in such a way
   that the two numbers near each edge of the polyhedron are



   The Mathematics and Statistics Committee of the Atlantic
   Provinces Council on the Sciences has posted a booklet
   entitled "Preparing for University Calculus." Neither a
   textbook nor a formal diagnostic test, the booklet offers
   sample questions and hints of the sort often found on
   calculus placement tests.

   Their web page, "Preparing for University Calculus," answers
   frequently asked questions about university level calculus
   courses, such as "What math will I need in university?" and
   "What is calculus?"



                       NOVA TEACHERS - PBS

   Teachers' featured stories of a lesson plan using one of the
   NOVA films. Lesson titles include:

     - Students Inclined to Study Galileo
     - Exploring Research Bias
     - Teaching Science and Literacy
     - Placing Value on Maya Math
     - Latin Classes and Roman Baths
     - What's Up with the Weather
     - Teaching with Trebuchets
     - Bridges Form Foundation for Geometry Unit
     - Melting the Iceman
     - Teaching with Sextants
     - Operation Obelisk

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