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Volume 8, Number 37

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15 September 2003                                Vol. 8, No. 37


             Plane History - Whitcher | Take the Test
  Attacking the Multiplication Facts - A Bulletin Board Idea

                        by Ursula Whitcher


   What is the history of the coordinate plane? Was it invented?
   Who named it? Answers to these and other questions about the
   history of the coordinate plane are presented by Whitcher in
   her latest addition to the Chameleon Graphing unit.

     - Introduction
     - Descartes and the Fly
     - Ancient Greek Maps
         Dicaearchus' Map
         Eratosthenes' Map
         Ptolemy's Geography
     - Ancient Greek Geometry
         Apollonius and the Conics
         Plane Loci
     - The Middle Ages
         Nicole d'Oresme and the Latitude of Forms
     - Analytic Geometry
         Rene Descartes and La Geometrie
         Pierre de Fermat
     - New Words, New Notation
         Sir Isaac Newton, the Enumeration,
             and the Method of Fluxions
         Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
         Textbooks and Teachers
     - Conclusion
     - Timeline
     - Glossary
     - Links
     - People
     - Note to Adults

   See the full Chameleon Graphing unit to learn how to graph
   points on a number line and in the plane, and how to graph
   lines and learn to visualize slope:



     TAKE THE TEST - Santa Clara County Office of Education


   Practice answering math questions in the format of the
   California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). On this
   site, students preparing to take this exam or others similar
   to it can:

     - answer a sample question
     - watch a math mentor solve the same problem
     - review a step-by-step solution

   Movies of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking math mentors,
   with transcripts for reading along in either language,
   require Quicktime.

   Six sections of math are covered:

     - Number Sense
     - Statistics, Data Analysis, Probability
     - Algebra and Functions
     - Measurement and Geometry
     - Algebra 1
     - Mathematical Reasoning




   Dr. Harry Bohan presents an activity that is designed to help
   the teacher promote a classroom feeling of, "Here is our
   task, to learn one-hundred multiplication facts. Let's set up
   a game plan to get this accomplished!"


   For other ideas on teaching multiplication, visit these
   Math Forum pages:

   Dr. Math FAQ: Learning Multiplication Facts

   Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library: Multiplication

   Math Tools: Tool: Arithmetic Four

   T2T FAQ: Multiplication Help

   Teacher Exchange: Practicing Arithmetic Skills

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