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Volume 8, Number 38

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22 September 2003                                Vol. 8, No. 38


             Active Problem Library | Interactive Games
       Looking Inside the Classroom - Horizon Research, Inc.   

                     ACTIVE PROBLEM LIBRARY


   Have you always wanted to use the Math Forum's Problems of
   the Week but the timing wasn't quite right? Now, your
   students can submit to any of over 800 creative, non-routine
   challenges at any time in the new Active Problem Library.

   Encompassing all past and active services, the Active
   Problem Library organizes PoWs for browsing by mathematics
   topic and story topic. In addition, it rates problems for
   difficulty level, and provides for searching by keyword.

   The public has free access to browse the library. For
   unrestricted access and submission to the Active Problem
   Library, subscribe to Membership Services, available for:

     - Student
     - Teacher
     - Class
     - School
     - Parent

   Read more about the benefits of membership here:


   If you are used to our previous topics list, you will see
   that we have expanded the organization to include sub-topics
   and related resources, including links to:

      - Math Tools
      - Ask Dr. Math
      - NCTM Standards

   Other Problem of the Week services:



         INTERACTIVE GAMES - Oswego City School District

   Created by Cathleen J. Chamberlain and Mark Cogan for the
   Oswego City School District in Oswego, New York, this site
   offers the user the opportunity to create their own matching
   games and quizzes.

   Also available are pre-made games for

     - practicing arithmetic
     - estimating angle measures
     - learning coordinates
     - exercising mathematical reasoning
     - learning about integers
     - identifying number patterns



   This study provides the education research and policy
   communities with snapshots of mathematics and science
   education as they exist in classrooms in a variety of
   contexts in the United States.

   These snapshots include both the instruction that takes
   place and the factors that shape instruction. Areas
   addressed include:

     - accuracy of science and mathematics content
     - intellectual engagement of students with that content
     - teacher questioning strategies
     - extent of "sense-making" in the lessons
     - factors that determine teachers' choice of content and
       instructional strategies

   The study was conducted by Horizon Research, Inc. with
   support from the National Science Foundation. Download the
   full report or a highlights report at their web site. Also
   sign up to receive email notification when new reports
   become available.

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