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Volume 8, Number 41

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13 October 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 41


              Village Math | Science News for Kids
            Flash Demos for Understanding Statistics

                          VILLAGE MATH

  This site developed by Alan Dick uses examples from Alaskan
  culture to provide a unique context for problem solving.
  Themes include:

    1906 Native Allotments     High School Education
    Beaver Boards              Log Cabin Log Count
    Berries                    Mixing Gaw and Oil
    Canadian Travel            Nets
    Cannery Work vs. Crafts    Nonstandard Measurements
    Charter Math               Outboard Gas Consumption
    Cordwood                   Parcel Post Limits
    Dog's Life                 Round Trip Puzzle
    Dog Lot Math               Sled Runners
    Electric Bill              Tarpaper Cabin Roof
    Fiberglassing a Boat       Trapping
    Freight                    Trip Math
    Fur Sewing                 Unwise Behavior


                    SCIENCE NEWS FOR KIDS


  Science News for Kids offers timely items of interest to
  kids, accompanied by suggestions for hands-on activities,
  books, articles, Web resources, and other useful materials.
  It invites kids to comment on the subject matter, ask
  questions of scientists featured in articles, try out
  mathematical puzzles, and submit their own work for possible
  Web publication. At the same time, the site's staff is 
  interested in offering teachers creative ways of using 
  science news in their classrooms.

  Sections of the site include:

    - PuzzleZone
    - GameZone
    - SciFiZone
    - SciFairZone
    - LabZone
    - TeacherZone

  See also Science News Online



  G. Donald Allen, at Texas A & M University, has developed a
  set of dynamic demonstrations to help foster an understanding
  of the graphing and variance for data sets.

    - Create a histogram and show the variance
    - Show the mean, variance, and correlation of
        self-selected data points
    - Understand variance by creating data sets
    - For grade data, show a histogram and variance
    - Compile a pie chart by finding angles and percentages
        of the whole

  These demos require the Flash 6 player. Binary files for PC
  or Macintosh can be downloaded.

  See also Flash Demos for Understanding Physics

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