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Volume 8, Number 46

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17 November 2003                                 Vol. 8, No. 46


    Dr. Math Explains Algebra | Mathematical Moments - AMS
                Second Annual Drexel Math Contest

                  DR. MATH EXPLAINS ALGEBRA
                 by the Math Forum @ Drexel
                      John Wiley & Sons
                      ISBN 0-471-22555-X

  We are pleased to announce that "Dr. Math Explains Algebra"
  has joined our first book, "Dr. Math Gets You Ready for
  Algebra," in bookstores this month. With the holidays
  approaching consider giving both books as gifts!

  The second book includes dozens of letters from kids who've
  had trouble understanding algebraic concepts, along with
  answers from trained volunteers drawn from a pool of
  college students, mathematicians, teachers, and
  professionals from the mathematical community. Topics
  covered include linear equations, systems of equations,
  polynomials, factoring, quadratic equations, and much more.

  For more information and a link to purchase the book from, please visit:

  We hope the books will find a place in classroom, library,
  and home collections. We invite you to display a link from
  your school's website to our book information page. Feel
  free to use the information on this page:




  The American Mathematical Society's Mathematical Moments is
  a series of illustrated "snapshots" designed to promote
  appreciation and understanding of the role mathematics plays
  in science, nature, technology, and human culture.

  Since we last featured Mathematical Moments, the AMS has
  added nine new topics:

    - Tracing Your Routes
    - Charging Through Space
    - Beating Traffic
    - Making Connections
    - Bringing Robots to Life
    - Expressing Yourself
    - Cutting the Cord
    - Revolutionizing Computing
    - Defeating Disease

  Download standard PDFs or short versions of these and other
  examples of scientific, technological, and cultural
  applications of math. For further investigation into a
  Mathematical Moment, link to its related resource, an
  authoritative website that expands on the topic.



  High school students are invited to compete in the Second
  Annual Drexel Math Contest on Tuesday, December 16, 2003
  from 9:15 am to 1:30 pm, at Drexel University. Teachers are
  encouraged to attend, and to bring up to 10 of their best
  math students as contestants.

  While the students are competing, teachers will have brunch
  with faculty and staff from the Drexel Mathematics Department
  and the Math Forum @ Drexel. While the exams are graded, the
  students will have lunch and participate in a mathematical
  activity. Campus tours will also available.

  To register, or obtain further information, please visit the
  web site:

    - Registration Information
    - Directions to the Site
    - The Schedule of Events
    - Content of the Exam
    - Prizes

  We hope to see you there!

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