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Volume 9, Number 17

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26 April 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 17


           NetDay Speak Up Day | ESPN Sports Figures
          Mathemagica Math Tools - The Jason Project

                      NETDAY SPEAK UP DAY


  On Thursday, April 29, 2004, teachers will have their say
  in the first ever NetDay Speak Up Day for Teachers. All
  staff members with instructional responsibilities are
  invited to complete a short survey on their personal and
  professional use of technology.

  NetDay hosts Speak Up Day events and releases the results to
  promote local and national conversations regarding the
  effective use of technology in education.

  Schools register to participate starting March 29. To learn
  more, visit the NetDay site.


                      ESPN SPORTSFIGURES


  SportsFigures provides an athlete's perspective into the
  subjects of math and physics.

  Middle and high school lesson plans include:

    - Cheering Energy
    - Walking on Water
    - Reflecting on Billiards
    - The Math Reaction
    - Surfing Science
    - Tennis Triangle
    - The Hoop Variable
    - Victory with Vectors
    - Shooting Vectors
    - Waterskiing in Circles
    - Making Waves
    - Cartesian Baseball
    - The Gear Game
    - Perpetual Motion




  Mathemagica, a new addition in the left sidebar of The Jason
  Project, is a library of interactive math tools or web-based
  applets, on core concepts within the strands of

    - number and operations
    - algebra
    - geometry

  The tools and accompanying "Explore" activities allow teachers
  to deepen mathematical knowledge and offer interactive models
  to use with students. Mathemagica is based on a vision of
  mathematics education in which teachers and students learn
  mathematics by solving problems, reasoning mathematically,
  making connections among concepts, and sharing their
  understanding with others.

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