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Volume 9, Number 20

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17 May 2004                                     Vol. 9, No. 20


 Mathematics Teacher: Geometry Bibliography | Eye on Education
                      The Exhibitionists


  Hubert Ludwig, retired math professor at Ball State
  University, compiled an index of all the geometry-related
  articles that appeared in the NCTM journal Mathematics
  Teacher through 1996.

  NCTM's web site serves articles from issues dating back
  five years, provides subject indices stretching back to
  1986, and searches articles after 1997. No comparable
  bibliography of this journal exists.

  If you find Ludwig's work of use in your teaching, or
  if you would benefit from an updated bibliography that
  encompasses the issues of Mathematics Teacher from 1997 to
  the present, please post to the geometry-pre-college thread
  "updating the online geometry bibliography of Mathematics


                        EYE ON EDUCATION


  Eye on Education is an outreach effort by WGBH in Boston,
  including resource materials, broadcast specials, and an
  expanded Web site to help parents more actively advocate for
  their children.

  Resources include:

    - Education Reform: Overview, Education Reform Act of 1993,
        No Child Left Behind, Curriculum Frameworks, Timeline,

    - About MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment
        System): Overview, Editorials, FAQ, Sample Test,
        Testing Schedule, Watch MCAS Crazy

    - Education Reports: Greater Boston's Education Reports,
        WGBH Forum Network, Boston Globe

    - Glossary of Education Terms

    - Teachers' Journal - Do you have a story to tell?
        Contact them to share thoughts about being a teacher,
        or to respond to one of their articles.


                       THE EXHIBITIONISTS


  This site is based on the work of the National Museums
  Liverpool. It uses simple examples to give a basic outline
  of life behind the scenes at the museums, and all the math
  problems that curators solve as they plan and present
  exhibitions. The prices and measurements in the puzzles are
  made up to give viewers an idea of how the eight museums
  are operated.

  Examples include:
    - Planning the Exhibition
    - Making Plans
    - Drawing Board
    - Marketing & Education
    - Changes on the Gallery
    - Sorting the Staff
    - Creating the Exhibition
    - Last Minute Cleaning
    - The Launch Party
    - Visitor Figures

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