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Volume 9, Number 33

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16 August 2004                                      Vol. 9, No. 33


         Education: National Corn Growers Association
           Biased Rectangles? | STELLA | Stella2java


  The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) has developed
  "Korn for Kids," which provides information related to corn,
  its diverse uses and impact on daily life.

  Lessons include:

    - You Can Count on Corn
    - Weather or Not to Act
    - Rate that Trait
    - Yield Map Math
    - Meaty Numbers
    - The State of Ethanol Use
    - Export Math!

    - Tour a Power Plant
    - Corn Eats Lunch
    - Topsoil Dessert
    - Prolegs, Head Capsules & Warts
    - Give Me an "I" "P" "M"
    - Genes-R-Us
    - Farm or Pharmacy?
    - Satellite Science
    - A Food Pyramid Built From Corn
    - Corn that Bounces & Stretches
    - Kernel Surgery
    - Starch Your Day Right!


                      BIASED RECTANGLES?

  This classroom activity, a PCMI Resource for Teachers, is an
  adaptation of a lesson from the NCTM "Navigating through Data
  Analysis in Grades 9-12," chapter 1, to be used with Fathom
  rather than a graphing calculator. The original
  "100 rectangles" sheet (Random Rectangles) comes from
  "Activity-Based Statistics," Key College Publishing.

  Students explore one example of how bias affects the mean.
  This simulation increases students' understanding of the
  significance of sample size on the calculation of the mean.
  Materials developed by Carol Hattan, Beverly Farahani, David
  Kapolka, Marie Lusk, David Hernandez, Patricia Daniel, and
  Cheryl Foox include:

    - Activity Guide
    - Sketchpad file of the 100 rectangles
    - Fathom file



  By isee systems, STELLA (Systems Thinking Experimental
  Learning Laboratory with Animation) is a model building and
  simulation software package. At the site:

    - Read about STELLA-based materials
    - Get help with STELLA training
    - Seek live support building a model
    - View tutorials
    - Purchase supporting books and videos
    - Run models online using NetSim




  Stella2java models are Java applets created from STELLA
  equation files. In this process, initial conditions and
  converters of your choice can be replaced with slider bars,
  and your choice of stocks and converters can be shown in a
  graph, allowing for a more direct visualization of the result
  of dynamic models. Converters can be set by either a slider
  bar, or left as what they are in STELLA. Initial conditions
  can be set by either a slider bar, or left at the STELLA

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