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Volume 9, Number 40

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4 October 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 40


       Elementary School Math Club - UTOPIA | Test Prep Review
                       Mathematician of the Day


   The Elementary School Math Club consists of five plans for
   group activities that may be used by teachers or parents.

     - Math Mobile
     - Number Paths
     - "Guess the Number" Magic Trick
     - The Human Counting Machine
     - A Math Mural

   This University of Texas at Austin site also offers these
   resources for teachers:

       Lesson Plans & Activities


                      TEST PREP REVIEW


   As the title of this site indicates, there are materials to
   help users review in preparation to take a variety of tests,
   including the GRE, SAT, ACT, and Praxis. Under each of the
   free practice test areas, there are self-assessment modules
   with a set of online practice problems. The site suggests
   that users answer the self-assessment questions, take notes
   of any significant gaps in understanding, and then use the
   links to online resources to work on those skills.


                   MATHEMATICIAN OF THE DAY

   The Mathematician of the Day is a feature of the MacTutor
   History of Mathematics archive created by John J. O'Connor
   and Edmund F. Robertson. Information includes:

     - Mathematicians born on this day
     - Mathematicians who died on this day
     - Online Posters to print

   Use the links in the purple box for the previous day's or
   next day's anniversaries, or for a full year view.




   Judy Ann Brown's site celebrates mathematics through the
   months by remembering the birthdays of favorite
   mathematicians. Print out web pages or download PDFs of
   birthday calendars for any given month.

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