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Volume 9, Number 42

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18 October 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 42


       AWM Essay Contest | Mathwords | Mr. R.'s Math Poems

                      AWM ESSAY CONTEST
       Biographies of Contemporary Women in Mathematics
                Deadline: October 29, 2004

  To increase awareness of women's ongoing contributions to
  the mathematical sciences, the Association for Women in
  Mathematics (AWM) is sponsoring an essay contest:
  "Biographies of Contemporary Women Mathematicians." The
  essays will be based primarily on an interview with a woman
  currently working in a mathematical sciences career, whether
  academic, industrial, or governmental.

  This contest is open to students in the following categories:
  Middle School, High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate. At
  least one winning submission will be chosen from each
  category. Winners will receive a prize, and their essays will
  be published online at the AWM web site. Additionally, a
  grand prize winner will have his or her submission published
  in the AWM Newsletter.

  View Past Results:
    2003 -
    2002 -
    2001 -




  Bruce Simmons, a math teacher at St. Stephen's Episcopal
  School in Austin, Texas, designed Mathwords for students who
  need an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand math resource all in
  one place. It is a comprehensive listing of formulas and
  definitions from Algebra I to Calculus.

  The explanations are readable for average math students, and
  over a thousand illustrations and examples are provided.
  Use the alphabetical sidebar to browse, or type the word you
  are seeking in the search field.


                     MR. R.'S MATH POEMS

  Mr. R. has written math poems to introduce different math
  concepts to his fourth grade students in a fun way. The
  stories integrate language and math.

  Math Poems titles include:

    - Boo-Hoo Math Saga          - Eyes Aren't Squares
    - My Dog, Multiplication     - My Ten Fingers
    - My Dog, Addition           - The Day 1 + 1 = 3
    - My Dog, Numerator          - Math Wrath
    - Number Thief               - Number Thief II
    - Mr. Geometry               - Missing Math Mystery
    - Infinity                   - Jenna's Subtraction Problem
    - Circle                     - Angles
    - PEMDAS                     - The Teenaged Rectangle
    - Signed Number Suite        - Perimeter Paul

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