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Volume 9, Number 52

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27 December 2004                                  Vol. 9, No. 52


   Math Chats for Students | Online Multilingual Math Glossary
                  The Physics of Every Day Life

                     MATH CHATS FOR STUDENTS

  In connection with our Virtual Math Teams Project, the Math
  Forum has been exploring a new service for students to
  participate in collaborative problem-solving sessions
  (Math Chats) over the Internet. If you would like to explore
  the possibility of having your students participate in this
  research project, please respond as noted on this page:




  Glencoe/McGraw-Hill has launched an online multilingual
  glossary specializing in math terminology. Users are prompted
  to select a letter of the alphabet. Once selected, words
  starting with that letter are displayed along with the
  option of selecting one of the following 12 languages:

    - Arabic
    - Bengal
    - Chinese
    - English
    - Haitian
    - Hmong
    - Korean
    - Russian
    - Spanish
    - Tagalog
    - Urdu
    - Vietnamese

  A PDF document downloads as a word is chosen. There are
  about ten words defined on the page. If a language other
  than English is chosen, users will see the English term
  along with the word and its definition in the selected
  language. Many terms include diagrams that illustrate the
  term with labels in the appropriate language.

  From "acute triangle" to "zero exponent," the math glossary
  contains more than 700 mathematical vocabulary terms commonly
  used in grade 6 through Algebra 2.



  Have you ever pondered, "Why is the stone skipping and not
  sinking?" Lyderic Bocquet's son asked him that question as
  they skipped stones at a lake, so the physicist made some
  calculations, and published them in The American Journal of
  Physics. Said Bocquet, "...I thought it was entertaining
  material for teaching. It provides a nice example of
  hydrodynamics, mechanics, gyroscopic effect...."

  Author Bocquet and collaborator Christophe Clanet created a
  robot that whipped metal disks at a tank of water with high
  precision. They then used a fast camera to analyze the motion
  and discover a "magical angle" that optimizes bounce.

  Step through a PowerPoint presentation of their work. Also,
  download a PDF of the AJP article, or watch QuickTime movies
  of skipping stones.

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