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Volume 9, Number 9

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1 March 2004                                 Vol. 9, No. 9


          Texas Instruments Trade-Up Offer | Numeral
              Spreadsheets in Education - Volume 2


  Texas Instruments is offering to trade-up your TI-83,
  TI-83 Plus, or TI-83 Plus Silver Edition ViewScreen
  handheld to the new TI-84 Plus Silver Edition ViewScreen
  handheld for free! For more information about the trade-up
  offer, visit:

  This trade up offer will be available in the TI booth at the
  annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of
  Mathematics, in Philadelphia, PA. If you will not be
  attending the conference, you can still get a free TI-84
  Plus Silver Edition ViewScreen handheld by sending in 20
  proofs-of-purchase from your students' purchases of TI
  graphing handhelds. For more information about this offer,




  Numeral is a recently introduced freeware program that will
  convert number bases between 2 and 36. Also it will convert
  numbers from Arabic numerals to Roman numerals and vice versa
  and convert numbers to words.

  The software has been tested and works with computers
  operating under Windows 98 and Windows XP.



  This page explains how to read and write Roman numerals,
  discusses how Romans expressed fractions, shows how to use
  Roman numerals to do arithmetic problems, and provides
  resources for other numeral systems.


               SPREADSHEETS IN EDUCATION - Volume 2


  Spreadsheets in Education (SIE) is an electronic journal
  devoted to the publication of quality refereed articles
  concerned with studies of the role that spreadsheets can play
  in education.

  They have just published the second number of volume 1,
  including these articles:

    - A Survey of 1st-year University Students' Ability to
      Use Spreadsheets

    - Nonlinear Control Systems Simulation Using Spreadsheets

    - Spreadsheet Conditional Formatting: An Untapped Resource
      for Mathematics Education

    - Napoleon's Theorem and Beyond

    - Knowing What Was Done: Uses of a Spreadsheet Log File

  Also available:

    Volume 1, Number 1 (July 2003)

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