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Three Act Math Task
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Quiz Bowl

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FILES: November 25: Question files: [Packet 1] [Packet 2] ||  Answer files: [Answer Key: Packet 1] [Answer Key: Packet 2]
FILES: February 10: Question files: [Packet 1] [Packet 2]  ||  Answer files: [Answer Key: Packet 1] [Answer Key: Packet 2]

Number of team members participating: 8 students

Length of competition: 45 minutes

During the Quiz Bowl, two things will be happening simultaneously, a "Quiz Bowl Packet" and a "Modeling Challenge" so teams will need to manage their time carefully.

  1. Teams will be split into two groups of 4 (to facilitate communication and collaboration).
  2. It is advised to have a group of older students and a group of younger students, as the coaches will be able to choose leveled problem sets for their students.
  3. 20% of the Quiz Bowl score will be the "Modeling Challenge". At the beginning of the Quiz Bowl period, a video will be played that sets up a scenario. Teams will then have access to paper copies of data gathered about that scenario.
  4. 80% of the Quiz Bowl score will be the average of the teams' 2 "Quiz Bowl Packets".
  5. Teams will have 40 minutes to work on both the Modeling Challenge and the Quiz Bowl Packets.
  6. During the 40 minute work time, judges will circulate and ask randomly selected students to explain what they are working on and how it is helping them think about the "big idea" in the Quiz Bowl Packet.
  7. At the end of the 40 minutes, teams will hand in their Quiz Bowl Packets, and then orally share their Modeling Challenge answers.
  8. Teams will have 5 minutes to compare their Modeling Challenge answers to one another and revise their answers.
  9. The Modeling Challenge answer will be revealed via a video; the closest team, whether above or below the answer, will win the challenge.
  10. Answers to the Quiz Bowl Packets will be made available to the teams as the judges score the packets.

Some more information about the Quiz Bowl Packets:

  • 2 packets will be available for this competition:
    •     one that uses concepts of graphing, finding a best-fit line using a calculator (instructions will be provided), and interpreting linear equations (as well as means, rates, and other middle-school concepts)
    •     one that uses concepts of graphing, families of functions, regression, using a calculator to compare models (instructions will be provided), and interpreting linear, quadratic, and exponential models
  • The packets will contain a mix of skills questions, calculations, and a few brief written explanations which will be scored by judges using a rubric.
  • Each packet is arranged around a real-world question, such as "Is the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx real?" or "How many pennies would it take to tile the circle in the middle of the gym floor?" Judges will circulate to ask students how the math they are doing is helping them think about and answer the real-world question.
  • The NCTM Illuminations website and some of the MARS tasks from the Shell Center are good resource for the types of questions that the packets will focus on (though we'll mix in more skill and calculations questions).

Some more information about the Modeling Challenge:

  • All modeling challenges will be based on real-world data.
  • This means that the team who does the most accurate or detailed calculations may not end up winning, if their assumptions didn't match what actually happened, or there was more "noise" in the data.
  • Every effort will be made to use data that rewards good calculations, good estimating, AND good assumptions.

These changes are designed to make the Quiz Bowl portion truly about collaboration and creativity, and a place where kids feel as comfortable making mistakes and revising their thinking as they do in the Engineering Challenge and PoW Presentation portions. We hope to see no heads down and no "I'll just let them answer" during the 2014-15 Quiz Bowls!

Finally, we would like each team to have access to 4-8 graphing calculators.

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