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From: suzanne@mathforum.org
Subject: An invitation to join us in mentoring/using ESCOT


This letter is to invite you to consider using and/or mentoring the ESCOT Problems of the Week. The Math Forum started running these interactive PoWs last year to a limited audience, and it required special software to run. This year, it will be available through a regular browser that can run Java, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. That means it will be available for the public, though it is still a research project.

We had our second annual ESCOT Workshop in Swarthmore August 14 through 18 and we have our first ESCOT PoW scheduled to debut October 1. This year we are planning to have a problem introduced the first and third weeks of each month for a possible total of 16 problems.

If you are interested to see what we were up to during that week in August, you can see daily summaries, photos and other things from this page:
We are tentatively calling our first ESCOT PoW the Elephant Problem and here is a short description:
Students will explore how a graph of a function can look different, depending on how you set the domain and range of the graph window. The problem is introduced with the story of different blind men figuring out what they are "seeing" by touching different parts of an elephant.
Once the problem goes out to the students on October 1, mentoring will be our focus. As students submit to the ESCOT PoW, their answers are received in an office area and mentors respond to them. To read more about this process you can look here:
There are all levels of participation as we see it and we would love to hear if you would be interested in joining us!

We're looking forward to hearing from you.
Suzanne and Jody

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