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Search and Rescue Paths

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Search and Rescue: Part I


Welcome to the Helicopter Rescue Team PoW. You are now at the training center. The simulation activity on this page will acquaint you with some of the skills necessary to become a licensed pilot.

Your job in this part of flight school is to fly the helicopter from the lift-off point to the hospital and back.

Use the Training Session applet to start.

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Your second Search and Rescue assignment is to fly to the campgrounds for MedEvac. An unskilled hiker has broken his leg and needs to be flown to the hospital. Fly to the green campground, then to the hospital, and then back to base.

Bad news! your compass has broken. You will have to specify directions by angles.

Click To Start Search and Rescue

Your final flight school exam questions require a written answer, based on the map shown below.

  1. Based on the map, write a flight plan that would fly you from the base to each of the three campgrounds, with at least one trip back to base at some point during the flight to gather more supplies, and then back to base. Each square on the map corresponds to one square mile. For each leg of the flight, you need to specify the starting point and destination, and the heading and distance, similar to what was written in the flight plans in the simulations.

  2. There are a number of possible flight plans that will accomplish your task. Describe how one way could be better than others.

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