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Pirates and Diamonds: Part IV - posted October 22, 1999

(Be sure to try Pirates and Diamonds - Part I, Pirates and Diamonds - Part II, and Pirates and Diamonds - Part III before you do this problem.)

A counter keeps track of the number of times you have emptied a container. You may have noticed that you end up emptying the containers quite often, which seems like a waste of time. Also, the pirate is liable to make you walk the plank if you empty the containers too often, because you are handling his diamonds too much.

Which pair of containers should you choose to minimize the number of steps (Fill, Empty, Pour) it takes you to measure 8 lbs. of diamonds?

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The answer we have highlighted for Part IV does not contain enough explanation to be a thorough answer, but because of the newness of these kinds of problem sets (ESCOT), it is understandable that the students did not have time to resubmit more complete answers. During the month of October, when this first ESCOT Problem of the Week was available, few students were able to get to the point of submitting a response for Part IV.

Highlighted solutions:

From:  Chelsea H., age 13
Honora D., age 13
School:  School of the Arts, San Francisco, CA

Page Part 4
The first containers would be ten and twelve because it only took us four
steps and we didn't even have to empty it once.

2 students received credit this week.

Honora D., age 13 - School of the Arts, San Francisco, CA
Chelsea H., age 13 - School of the Arts, San Francisco, CA

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