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This is a great site! I will certainly suggest it to my students.
Priscilla Bremser, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt.

I've just gone through the site and must thank you for providing this resource. I'll be using it in my Islamic art courses at U. of Toronto.
Lisa Golombek, Curator of Islamic Art, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

Thanks! What a terrific exhibit. I have been teaching math (freshman and sophomore college level) for some years and always strive to offer students the possibility that math is more than arithmetic drudgery. Your efforts here have succeeded in illuminating the whimsy and beauty that can be found, while at the same time establishing a great, solid opening discussion that could slide right into group theory. Well done!
Ted Gordon, math teacher

Congratulations on a wonderful Internet exhibit! The images are very clear, and download quickly. The explanations and illustrations of the patterns are helpful, too.
Brenda E. Bickett, librarian, Georgetown University

Congratulations! You have done a fantastic job. I am very interested in symmetry and art, especially as a subject for pupils' projects. You have summarized the main points in a very clear and simple way. Thanks!
Naomi Chissik, ORT, Israel

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I just recommended it to a friend, who is teaching a "world cultures" course in high school; it could be very useful. I found it very interesting myself, and finally learned what tessellation means.
Amy Heinrich, Director, Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University

The thing I like most is that the design of the gallery pages lets you put the analytical image next to the rug. I think the pedagogic advantage of this is great.
R. John Howe, rug collector, Washington, DC

What a fantastic place to roam. The possibilities for education are infinite. Your site was the second one we have investigated in this new (for us) medium. The first was Mars.
Love, Sharon and Daniel Fleckless

Excellent exhibit! You have captured the concepts so simply and precisely.
Carl Schiotz, Zometool, Inc.

Great site. Just want to say thanks.

This is wonderful! It's thrilling to see how much you are able to depict and explain this way ...I hadn't been prepared for how complete and stimulating your site would be. Well done!
Diane Proctor, math teacher, Calvert School, Baltimore, MD

Thanks for such a fascinating and substantial tour of Oriental pattern and decoration. I feel so much richer having viewed these powerful works of art. I am certain to visit the museum the next time I'm in the area.
Joel Becker-Sabik

I had to write a paper on oriental rugs, your site was terrific!! After visiting a local dealer I had many questions, your site answered all my questions and gave me a clear description of how and where these beautiful rugs are made.
Teresa Luna, interior design student

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