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Oriental Carpets: An Introduction


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The Textile Museum Journal. Washington, D.C.: The Textile Museum, 1962 -- (annual; membership benefit; single issue sales)

Scholarly presentation of textile traditions, techniques, with international focus on cultural aspects, The Textile Museum's holdings, and other museum collections, as well as ethnographic materials. Wide-ranging textile subject matter, B&W illustrations only (color cover).
HALI: The International Journal of Oriental Carpets. London: Oguz Press, 1978 -- (quarterly thru 1987, 6x/yr since 1988, by subscription; single issue sales)
Slick trade journal aimed primarily at collectors and dealers. Useful articles, well-illustrated in color; includes auction reports, market trends, reviews of exhibitions and publications, readers'forum, summaries of conferences, and interviews with collectors. Provides excellent vehicle for sharing of information in the field. Includes international textiles as well as Oriental carpets. Trendy.
Oriental Rug Review. Meredith, N.H., 1981 1996, monthly; archived on-line)
Forum for sharing information among American collectors and dealers, often with feature articles on off-beat topics and focus on collections. New magazine format, introduced in 1987/8, enables good color reproduction, and 1989 began subject-orientation for each issue under the editorship of George O'Bannon.
Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies. Various editors and places of publication since 1985 (vols. I, II, III parts I, II, IV).
Articles by individual scholars, usually based upon presentations at International Conferences on Oriental Carpets. This is the first serious attempt to provide a periodical publication specifically for scholarship in the field of Oriental carpet studies. Initial issues offer excellent contributions to the field. B&W illustrations only. (Initially an offshoot of Hali).

1/89, rev. 5/90, rev. 3/96, rev.7/97 by C. Bier

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