Marina Meyerson - Junior, Graphic Design major

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Materials and Process

  • Computer with monitor
  • Adobe Illustrator
  1. I created a linear shape that resembled a graph line.
  2. I proceeded to overlap it to create an interconnected, interlaced shape.
  3. When I had that, I had recreated the shape on the computer and reflected it once horizontally and then the two vertically, and then translated the two pairs, making a row.
  4. Then I translated the interlaced two five more times vertically to create six rows.

Artist's Narrative

The pattern reminds me of a rug I saw when I was young; the rug had the same colors and a rope-like pattern. This looks like a window to me, inviting the viewer to look in and focus.

Teacher's Comment

The linear patterning here brings to mind the textile structures established by looping methods such as macrame (multiple elements), or parallel rows of crochet (single element) or knitting (single element). The resulting pattern, as in this instance, is a repeat across the plane of six linear patterns, each composed of two pairs of lines that appear to loop over, under, and around each other, which in cyberspace is, of course, illusory.

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