Patrick Liddle - Junior, General Fine Art major

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Materials and Process

  • Ruler
  • Colored pencils
  • Paper
  1. Drawing

Artist's Narrative

With a ruler and colored pencils, I tried to create an infinitely repeating pattern arbitrarily cut off by borders. I wanted to create a border pattern to complement the field pattern. I made the border pattern from horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines with the use of circles as well. Then I decided to work with the negative spaces to create stars using mostly reds, yellow, and oranges.

What inspired this practicum was a fragment of cloth from Egypt, from the 6th century, which I had seen at the Walters Art Museum. The pattern in the cloth repeated hexagonal forms in a linear way. What grabbed my attention was its palette -- an arrangement of reds, whites, and oranges with modest use of blue. Even though most of the fabric had been torn or lost, the linear nature with a lion-like animal with the head of a bird suggested a distinctly Egyptian flavor that appealed to me.

After completion of this particular practicum, I realized that it seemed more like a grid plan for a Persian rug. I found this interesting because living around rugs for such a long time, I wonder if that might have influenced the drawing as well.

Teacher's Comment

Divisions of the square are a basic visual component in Islamic art. They are used for tiles and carpet designs, but also in other media such as stone mosaic and bone inlay, as well as in the illumination of manuscript pages.

In this carpet pattern, the central medallion is highlighted by the introduction of blue, which draws attention to the center of the field. There is also a subtle play in the orientation of red triangles that provides additional visual interest.

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