Sarah Hanson - Sophomore, Ceramics major

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Materials and Process

  • Markers
  • Paper

Freehand drawing

Artist's Narrative

For this practicum, I chose to construct something freehand. It has diagonal lines used to create very long, narrow triangles that serve as the border edges. The diamonds I chose for their simplicity and geometry. However, these are not really symmetrical because they are drawn freely. I like the look of the human hand coming through. The colors in all of these are limited to the few markers I had available.

Teacher's Comment

The tapering sides of this approximate rectangle introduce an interesting perceptual play in a framing border. The right side tapers toward the top; the left side tapers toward the bottom. Hence, a rotational symmetry (order two) is present. The diamonds in each side border are reduced in size, creating an illusion of receding distance through the use of perspective. But this perception is countered by the horizontal bands at top and bottom, the size of which remain constant. See if you can play with your own perception of this rectangle by looking at it and trying to perceive that its corners project or recede in different ways at the same time.

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