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The Bridges of Konigsberg
· Euler's Solution
· Solution, problem 1
· Solution, problem 2
· Solution, problem 4
· Solution, problem 5

The Value of Pi
· A Chronological Table of Values
· Squaring the Circle

Prime Numbers
· Finding Prime Numbers

Famous Paradoxes
· Zeno's Paradox
· Cantor's Infinities
· Cantor's Infinities, Page 2

The Problem of Points
· Pascal's Generalization
· Summary and Problems
· Solution, Problem 1
· Solution, Problem 2

Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

Proof that e is Irrational

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Mathematics transcends individual civilizations and specific languages. It is one large system of logic - a kind of universal language. As such, certain paradoxes and contradictions have arisen that have troubled mathematicians from ancient times to the present. Some are false paradoxes: they do not present actual contradictions, and are merely slick logic tricks. Others have shaken the very foundations of mathematics - requiring brilliant, creative mathematical thinking to resolve. Others remain unresolved to this day. Presented in these pages are two paradoxes: Zeno's motion paradox and the paradox of infinite sets, solved by Cantor.

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