The JOMA Applet Project: Applet Support for the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum

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I. Introduction
[1] ESCOT: Educational Software Components of Tomorrow
[2] EOE: Educational Object Economy
[3] NEEDS: National Engineering Education Delivery System
II. Results from Prior NSF Support
[4] The Math Forum
[5] The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library
[6] The Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications Across the Curriculum (MACMATC) project
[7] The MathWright project
[8] Renninger, K. A., Weimar, S. A. & Klotz, E. A. (1998). Teachers and students investigating and communicating about geometry: The Math Forum. In R. Lehrer & D. Chazan (Eds.) Designing learning environments for developing understanding of geometry and space (pp. 465-487). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
[9] Renninger, K. A. & Shumar, W. (1998). Why and how students work with The Math Forum's Problem(s) of the Week: Implications for design. In A. S. Bruckman, M. Guzdial, J. L. Kolodner, and A. Ram (Eds.), Proceedings of ICLS 98 (pp. 348-350). Charlottesville, VA: AACE.
[10] Renninger, K. A. & Shumar, W. (Eds.) (In preparation). Building virtual communities. New York: Cambridge University Press.
III. Main Proposal
1. Audience
[11] The Math Forum search engine
[12] Alexander Bogomolny's Cut-the-Knot
[13] JavaSketchPad
[14] Java Beans
[15] Remote Method Invocation
3. What will be collected
[16] The VideoPoint site has a collection of videos of objects in motion with their trajectories marked and useable for calculations, and their software is made for this purpose.
IV, Communities
A. User groups
1. The user front end
[17] IMS
[18] Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
3. Services for students
[19] Jcampus, resources for CS faculty, students and staff who are using Java.
[20] Reed, Isaac, Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics
[21] Awards for 1998

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