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31 Read To whom should I attribute this proof? erich.rast@gmail.com sci.math
14 Read John Gabriel, thief and math failure-- sine is semicircle not
sinusoid//student on StackExchange smarter than Gabriel and MIT math department
plutonium.archimedes@gmail.com sci.math
35 Read How can this contradiction be resolved? wolfgang.mueckenheim@hs-augsburg.de sci.math
4 Read Extract multiple elements from a multidimensional array Pavel Krivenko comp.soft-sys.matlab
13 Read MIT math dept & John Gabriel fruitcakes corner// why these people
cannot see that sine is semicircle wave
plutonium.archimedes@gmail.com sci.math
24 Read MIT math dept & John Gabriel stupid failures in sine trigonometry//
STONETHROWING THEORY, page20, apes 24chromosomes, humans 23 because of throwing
plutonium.archimedes@gmail.com sci.math
2 Read Trying to use pdepe function to solve spherical diffusion problem Kasturi Laturkar comp.soft-sys.matlab
3 Read Re: Just a matter of time before troll Dan Christensen erupts again.
New Policy? Chuckle.
Karl-Olav Nyberg sci.math
1 Read fuzzy time series sefri imanuel comp.soft-sys.matlab
5 Read ? issues related to reduce a data matrix Cheng Cosine sci.stat.math
15 Read reTALK preliminary Page57, 8-1, CALCULUS for PreCalculus, High
School, College, Correcting Math textbook 5th ed.
plutonium.archimedes@gmail.com sci.math
1 Read How to predict with plsregress jose Neria comp.soft-sys.matlab
1 Read matlab code for chan-vese segmentation shivangi b comp.soft-sys.matlab
3 Read Some questions about the advantages of additive continued fractions
in path enumeration and how to use them
david.philip.greenwood@mail.com sci.math
1 Read Re: storing n-ary data in complex numbers... Marnie Northington sci.math
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