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Last Post # Topic Author Discussion
14 Read Re: The BIG STUPID (mythmaticians) just keep getting dumber! Sorry,
there is no such thing as irrational number.
Jan Bielawski sci.math
17 Read Prove x=x^2 is the smallest polynomial that has the two solutions 0,1 plutonium.archimedes@gmail.com sci.math
1 Read Plotting matrix values with bar3 with indexes starting from 0 Damian Taylor comp.soft-sys.matlab
151 Read Muckenheim (WM) falsely claims to have discovered a contradiction in
set theory
Dan Christensen sci.math
48 Read Proving super cycles exist. Daniel Joyce sci.math
4 Read MATLAB Incorrectly Summing Tyler Hunting comp.soft-sys.matlab
283 Read Re: Answer to another false claim by WM Martin Shobe sci.math
9 Read making the Derivative as the Ceiling/Rooftop of each individual cell;
preserving the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
plutonium.archimedes@gmail.com sci.math
7 Read covering a set of diameter at most 2 quasi sci.math
2 Read Re: the method forces Euclid number to be prime Re: -Infinitude of
Twin Primes proofs/ Univ Minnesota--/ editors of Arxiv
Jens Stuckelberger sci.math
7 Read Why Fermat's last theorem is neither provable or disprovable me sci.math
16 Read -Infinitude of Twin Primes proofs/ Univ Minnesota--/ editors of Arxiv plutonium.archimedes@gmail.com sci.math
1 Read How to calculate quarterly means i.e. Jan, Feb, March..AMJ, JAS, OND sophia comp.soft-sys.matlab
2 Read Researches in quantum computing seem to progress only extremely
Mok-Kong Shen sci.math
7 Read Any applications of transfinite arithmetic in real analysis or
measure theory?
Dan Christensen sci.math
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