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Topic: solving the neutrino as the dual of the photon #1201 New Physics
#1321 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Replies: 5   Last Post: Feb 6, 2013 2:36 AM

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From: nyc
Registered: 6/6/10
Re: Pretending to be a Scientist. The FRAUD Continues.
Posted: Feb 5, 2013 5:19 PM
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> Alright, I am in good shape for these last 100 or
> less pages of New
> Physics. Made many new discoveries

Do you mean your brilliant :

i)Links to Wikipedia

ii) References to 20+ year-old books

iii)YouTube Videos.

Neither is your work, neither is what anyone who is not a fraud (like yourself) would call reliable references. Nor is it work that belongs to you. So , on top of being a moron, you're taking credit for other people's work.

> but am lacking

Intelligence, honesty, any redeeming quality.

Go pretend somewhere else, you fraud, you fool no one.

> one item that
> bugs me. I am still obscure of the neutrino, and the
> displacement
> current. And I think the two are related.
> Picking up where I last dropped off on the neutrino.
> I said this about
> the neutrino:
> 1) it is pure energy and not a transverse wave but a
> longitudinal wave
> to carry away tiny excess energy
> 2) it maybe the medium in Space for other waves like
> photons to travel
> in; the aether so to speak
> 3) neutrinos relate to magnetic monopoles
> I need to make more progress on the neutrino in this
> 5th edition. I
> hate to face the 6th edition in the state of
> condition now with
> regards to the neutrino.
> But I think I can make that progress in these last
> pages of New
> Physics.
> Just yesterday I was talking of the primitive axiom
> terms or concepts.
> Surely the magnetic monopole has to be in the top ten
> of primitive
> terms of physics.
> Now one of the major drawbacks of neutrino is that
> the particle rarely
> interacts with matter and so the facts and character
> and behavior of
> neutrinos is a small pool of facts.
> But if we take the Maxwell Equations as the axiom set
> over all of
> physics, we have to ask the questions of the neutrino
> from the point
> of view of the Maxwell Equations. There are magnetic
> monopoles in the
> Symmetric Maxwell Equations. But is there anything to
> the equations
> that hints of neutrinos? Faraday said that the light
> wave was a
> disturbance in the Maxwell Equations, and so photons
> are easily seen
> as part and parcel of the equations but can we ever
> discern neutrinos
> from the Maxwell Equations?
> I think, and this is only a guess, that the
> displacement current is a
> aspect of neutrinos.
> And, I am going to make a speculative guess here,
> that where
> electricity is the perpendicular of magnetism, that
> the neutrino
> stands in a similar relationship to the photon. In
> other words, the
> neutrino is a form of the photon, but the major
> difference is that the
> photon is a double transverse wave while the neutrino
> is a
> longitudinal wave. If I am correct, then the neutrino
> has the same
> speed of light as does the photon and that the two
> are not exactly
> antiparticles of one another, but a duality
> relationship and that
> photons and neutrinos have no antiparticles.
> One would never say that the electricity is the
> antiparticle of
> magnetism, but rather they are duals. In the same
> vain, the photon is
> the dual of the neutrino.
> Now, what is meant by dual? I mean the photon is the
> particle in
> Euclidean geometry where you have +1 charge combined
> with -1 charge to
> make a 0 charge space. The neutrino is the particle
> that occupies
> NonEuclidean geometry. The neutrino occupies the
> space of charge -1,
> the electron or lepton space.
> Now, what brings me to these ideas that the neutrino
> is the
> perpendicular dual of the photon is the displacement
> current in the
> Maxwell Equations. It is there but seemingly having
> no function,
> purpose or meaning other than just there.
> Now there is a mathematics method, I discovered some
> years back that
> gives credence to what I am saying about neutrinos
> being the
> perpendicular of the photon, just as magnetism is the
> perpendicular of
> electricity.
> If you take the Descartes Coordinate System to task,
> it is the system
> for Euclidean geometry, where there are 4 quadrants
> and where the
> positive and negative are separated from one another.
> In physics, we
> do not have positive over in 2 quadrants and
> negatives a world apart
> in the other 2 quadrants. In physics, the positive
> and negative are
> close by one another so that the whole of the
> universe is neutral or 0
> charge.
> So a few years back, I invented the AP Coordinate
> System and it comes
> in handy right here and right now.
> AP Coordinate System has just one quadrant, the first
> quadrant. The
> points are different from Cartesian points. The
> points in AP, have
> both a positive side to the point and a negative side
> to the point.
> The positive side is ahead in any direction from the
> negative side.
> The reader can instantly recognize how the AP system
> works by graphing
> the sine or cosine function or the straightline
> function y = x.
> The sine or cosine function graphed in AP Coordinate
> System looks like
> the cycloid function graph. Now I wish I had a upside
> down U because
> the cycloid would look like UUUU only upside down.
> The next best thing is this symbol^ only with a
> rounded top as ^^^^^^.
> Or, better yet just look at the cycloid in Wikipedia.
> So when one makes a point in space in AP Coordinates,
> each and every
> point has a positive side to the point and a negative
> side to the
> point and that eliminates the need to have 4
> quadrants because all
> graphs can be held in just one quadrant.
> In Cartesian coordinates, the graph of y = x is a 45
> degree angle
> straight-line that cuts at the origin and extends
> into the 3rd
> quadrant. But in the AP system the graph of y = x is
> just the 1st
> quadrant only because negative numbers exist
> alongside positive
> numbers and not in their own separated cutoff realm.
> Now the AP system allows some equations to be
> functions that the
> Cartesian system never allowed. For example the
> circle is not a
> function in Cartesian but since it is half a circle
> in AP system, the
> circle is a function.
> So, what is the special meaning of the AP system?
> Well, in Cartesian
> coordinates, we have positives separated from
> negatives and in the
> Maxwell Equations, the double transverse wave is the
> separation of
> positive from negative. So that the sine or cosine
> curves are photons,
> but those are transverse waves. We want the
> perpendicular of the
> transverse wave which is the longitudinal wave.
> The longitudinal wave is derived as the perpendicular
> of the
> transverse wave if the points are combined positive
> with negative
> resting side by side.
> What I hope to achieve in these last pages of New
> Physics is to show
> that the neutrino is the photon as a duality
> relationship, the same as
> that the magnetism is the dual of electricity. And I
> wish to show the
> displacement current and magnetic current density is
> the neutrino. It
> means the neutrino has no rest mass, and it travels
> at the speed of
> light.
> Now if I am especially lucky, I think the neutrino is
> the aether of
> Space and it is magnetic monopoles that tile Space.
> And that finally,
> the entropy concept of 2nd law of thermodynamics that
> says entropy is
> steadily increasing, is simply the statement that the
> Space of the
> Atom Totality Universe is getting larger with time.
> So that entropy is
> a measure of neutrinos
> increasing in number to form newer regions of Space.
> --
> Google's archives are top-heavy in hate-spew from
> search-engine-
> bombing. Only Drexel's Math Forum has done a
> excellent, simple and
> fair archiving of AP posts for the past 15 years as
> seen here:
> Archimedes Plutonium
> whole entire Universe is just one big atom
> where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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