Date: Oct 6, 2017 4:00 AM
Author: Pentcho Valev
Subject: Re: Fake Gravitational Waves Paralyzed Physics

LIGO vultures are triumphing, honest scientists are in trouble, like physicist Leonard called into the office of university administrator Ms Davis:
"LEONARD: I have to say I'm a little nervous.

Ms. DAVIS: You should be.

LEONARD: Look, I know I screwed up, but it was only one interview. How much damage could it have caused?

Ms. DAVIS: Would you like for me to read you the e-mails from donors asking why are they giving us money if physics is a dead end?

LEONARD: I didn't say it was a dead end. I just said that I was worried it might be.

Ms. DAVIS: So if I just said I was worried you might not have a job next week, how would you feel?

LEONARD: Light-headed, and glad you asked me to sit down. Okay, just tell me what I can do.

Ms. DAVIS: I'm gonna need you to make a statement saying that you misspoke, and that you're confident the physics community is close to a major breakthrough.

LEONARD: You want me to lie.

Ms. DAVIS: Look, Dr. Hofstadter, I'm counting on you. I think that you are the smartest physicist at this university.

LEONARD: Really?

Ms. DAVIS: See? Lies. They're not that hard." [END OF QUOTATION]

If someone thinks this is just a movie exaggeration, here is the real story:

Physics is dead:

Neil Turok, September 2013: "It's the ultimate catastrophe: that theoretical physics has led to this crazy situation where the physicists are utterly confused and seem not to have any predictions at all."

June 2015: "My view is that this has been a kind of catastrophe - we've lost our way," he [Neil Turok] says."

Physics is in a golden age:

Neil Turok, June 2016 (11:47): "Physics is in a golden age. It really is."

Pentcho Valev