Date: Nov 28, 1997 6:35 AM
Author: Robert Hill
Subject: Re: most famous codiscoverer gets credit (Matthew Effect) [was: This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics (Week 112)]

Are In article <>, (Quentin Grady) writes:
> This response CC'd by email
> G'day G'day Bill et al,
> Ha Ha Ha. Already the rest of you aren't at famous a Bill. <grin>
> There are occasions when the anti-Matthews effect occurs.
> Venn was immortalised in Venn diagrams yet wasn't Euler using them in
> his writings way way before. One more attribution to Euler wouldn't
> have made much difference. To Venn it made all the difference.
> So here is the Quentin conjecture.
> "Attribution favours the famous till the famous becomes ubiquitous."

Are people still brought up to call the complex plane the "Argand diagram"?
I was, despite the fact that Gauss was one of the discoverers.
This seems to support Quentin's conjecture.

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