Date: Nov 28, 1997 4:46 PM
Author: Brian Hutchings
Subject: Re: most famous codiscoverer gets credit (Matthew Effect) [was: This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics (Week 112)]

In a previous article, () says:

re the following, on Newton's oligarchical perfidy
in slandering Liebniz --obviously for political reasons--
see for knowlegde
of how the Newtritious One *could* have done calculus,
geometrically (as in Principia, which only contains a single example
of calculus, in Book 2, as I recall), see the book by Arnol'd,
_Huyghens [etc.]_

>> o calculus (Newton and Leibnitz)

>>I was going to close by quoting W. Bolyai's remark such that when the
>>time is ripe for certain ideas they blossom like violets in spring,

quothing The Raven: nev'mo'better!

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