Date: Jul 15, 1996 12:03 PM
Author: Anne Wheelock
Subject: Re: Middle School: Geometry/Math Concepts Using Art/Draw Programs

Hi, Sandy.  I was wondering if you could tell us a little about how your
teaching and learning goals - and the way you implement these in your
curriculum, materials, assignments, etc. - will be different for your four
different classes of students. I am especially interested because I've been
trying to figure out how NCTM standards-based learning in the middle grades
actually varies from group to group. Thanks so much! Anne

At 10:14 AM 7/15/96 -0400, Sandy Sherman wrote:
>I teach eighth grade at East Shore Middle School in Milford, Connecticut.
>You can find out about some of my interests by visiting:
>This upcoming year, with my math students (all four levels, since we group
>homogeneously in the eighth grade for mathematics), I want to focus on
>buiding a conceptual understanding of geometry and mathematical concepts
>using drawing programs. I plan on writing a series of math lessons which
>are easily understood by middle school and elementary school teachers. I
>will implement these lessons weekly with my classes using my powerbook
>which will be connected to a large TV monitor I have purchased for every
>day instruction in my eighth grade mathematics classroom. I will also test
>these individual lessons in the field with my computer club students.
>Interested students will create transparencies of their own
>work/discoveries which I will print using an inexpensive Color Stylewriter
>printer. The transparencies, along with a written report done by the
>student (can be used as assessment), will be displayed in a central
>location for parents, teachers and administrators at the end of the school
>year. Interested parents will be called in to assist me in the discovery
>type lab sessions I will conduct with students. In this way parents will
>learn what we are doing and be available to assist me in managing to help
>students in a lab setting where lots of individual interaction/attention is
>needed. At the end of the year, if I can manage to save for a thermal
>wax-dye sublimination printer, students can create mathematical t-shirts
>and/or mugs of their perfected refined work. This will be a reward for
>their year long efforts. One of our textbooks is entitled, "Integrated
>Mathematics". These activities will supplement, reinforce and enhance
>units of study (actually, chapters) from the text book. I really want ALL
>levels of students to participate/gain from these experiences. Therefore,
>I will be working on basic concepts (fractions, percents, decimal and so
>on) in addition to more advanced topics for higher functioning eighth
>I am interested in speaking to or writing to people who have interests
>along these lines. My email address is:
>I have had a lot of family needs/commitments to address lately, but I am
>going to try to participate in some of the on-line events.
>I hope everyone has a good time.
>Sandy Sherman
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Anne Wheelock
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