Date: Mar 24, 1993 10:20 AM
Author: Gene Klotz
Subject: Summer Bulgarian course for school teachers and students (in<br>     English)


July 12 - August 6, 1993

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences together with Sofia University and the
Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians is sponsoring a summer workshop for 16
and 17 year old high school students on GEOMETRIC EXPLORATION THROUGH

The host for the workshop will be the English Language Konstantinov High
School in Pravets. Pravets is a scenic town located about 50KM from
Sofia. The program is subsidized by the Saints Cyril and Methodius
International Foundation and promises to be of both cultural and
mathematical interest.

The summer school will make active use of computer software for Geometry
that was developed in Bulgaria and which has been well received at
various international meetings and conferences. The Bulgarian faculty
for this summer school are accomplished mathematicians who have had
extensive experience preparing students at this age for in-depth study of
mathematics utilizing computers. Many of their students have performed
at award winning levels at the International Mathematics Olympiad
competitions. Attached is a description of program objectives and

Travel between Sofia and New York will be via the Bulgarian National
Airline, Balkan Air, which is a very reliable carrier. Tentative dates
are departure from New York on July 12th and return from Sofia on August
6th. The schedule allows for 11 workshop days and escorted tours for the
students to various historic and scenic sights in Bulgaria. Weather and
health conditions in Bulgaria in July are excellent.

Round trip air fare is $771 including tax. Room, board and all local
travel for students will be $325. Room and board is being provided at
the Konstantinov High School. The total cost for students is
approximately $1,100. Students should have pocket money for souvenirs
and incidentals. U.S. teachers are also invited to participate.

Enrollment is limited to 15 Bulgarian students and 15 from other
countries. The medium for communication at the summer school will be

Students and teachers who have an interest in this program are urged to
contact Professor Edward Friedman at Stevens Institute of Technology who
has direct knowledge of this program and of the people who are running
it. Professor Friedman can be reached as follows:

Edward A. Friedman
Director, CIESE
Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle Point
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-216-5375
Fax: 201-216-5385

Students who wish to apply should send a personal letter of interest, a
letter of approval for the plan from a parent or guardian and a letter of
recommendation from their current mathematics teacher. These should be
sent to Dr. Friedman who will forward them to the program directors in