Date: Feb 1, 1994 3:18 PM
Author: Problem of the Week
Subject: Problem of the Week, January 31-February 4

Sorry for the puzzle being a day late!  -Annie

The problem of the week is a regular feature here at the geometry forum.
Each weekend a high school level geometry problem will be posted, and the
following weekend a summary of solutions and their authors will be posted.

Please do not post solutions to the problem of the week; instead mail your
answer along with as detailed a description of your method as
necessary/possible to (replying to this message
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can be combined and posted over the weekend.

Please include your name, grade, and school along with your answer.

Problem of the Week for January 31 to February 4

Two engineers are scouting out an area where they plan to build a
bridge. They are standing on the edge of the river, directly across
from where the other end of the bridge will be. Their problem is
this: They don't know how far it is across the river. They puzzle
about this for a minute, and then Jill says to Jimmy, "I know how
to find out how far it is."

D Jill and Jimmy walk along the edge of the
----------------*-------- river to point B. Jimmy stays there. Then
Jill walks to C, making sure that the distance
river from B to C is equal to the distance from A
to B. Then she turns 90 degrees, and walks
----*-----*-----*--------- away from the river until Jimmy, who is
C| B A standing at B, is directly in line with D,
| the point where they want the other end of
| bridge. This is point E. Jill claims that
| the distance from C to E is the same as the
* distance from A to D. Is she right? Why
E or why not?