Date: Feb 7, 1994 3:48 PM
Author: Problem of the Week
Subject: Problem of the Week, February 7-11

The problem of the week is a regular feature here at the geometry forum. 
Each weekend a high school level geometry problem will be posted, and the
following weekend a summary of solutions and their authors will be posted.

Please do not post solutions to the problem of the week; instead mail your
answer along with as detailed a description of your method as
necessary/possible to (replying to this message
will also work). Solutions should be received by midnight Friday so they
can be combined and posted over the weekend.

Please include your name, grade, and school along with your answer.

Problem of the Week, February 7-11

Last week, Jill and Jimmy were attempting to figure out how wide a
river was so that they could begin plans to build a bridge. They
determined that the river was 46 meters wide. Now they have to give
an estimate as to the cost of the bridge, which means they have to
know how long the bridge will be. Here's the catch:

They want to build a bridge, starting 10 meters inland from the edge of
the river, to the top of an already-existing abuttment on the other side
of the river. The abuttment is 16 meters high and 7 meters from the
edge of the river.

How long will the bridge be? Extra: What is the angle of elevation
of the bridge?