Date: Apr 17, 2003 4:40 PM
Author: Bob L Petersen
Subject: Michael Jordan Geometry in Motion

Michael Jordon's 360

A normal lay up one pushes of on the right leg if your on the right
side of the basket or ..... Extending the arm on that side and
releasing the ball off that hand when you are as high as you can get.

Michael Jordan's 360 is done is or can be done in the following way.
On the last step where you are going to push off, plan to come in just
a little lower and to leave the ground a further out. (The right leg
if your on the right side of the basket or ....) Arms out: the arm you
would normally shoot with (the right arm if your on the right side of
the basket or ....) out at a 45-degree angle with the ball. The
trailing arm if you can at 45-degree angle to the rear.

This is where Michael Jordan’s magic comes in instead of waiting to
push off and go up. On the way in you apply pressure back. The other
side of the body starts to catch up. Michael Jordan now as he is
coming over that leg push up hard toward the other side of the basket.
The trailing leg brought forward fast and inline with the basket. The
arms come together over the head and the ball is put into the other
hand. These motions increase the speed of the rotation of his body.
This is Michael Jordan’s 360.

It works well if your old and slow but get a head start but the other
person is going to over take you. You do not need to stuff the ball
just the slow down will allow to come up by yourself.

Thank You Michael Jordan

Bob L. Petersen