Date: Nov 26, 2003 2:34 PM
Author: ashley
Subject: i cant figure these out... if someone could PLEASE help thatd be great!?

1. If ON=4x-5, LM=2x+4, NM=x+5, and OL=8y-7, find the values of x and
y given that LMNO is a parallelogram.

a)x=-1/2;y= 23/16

2.Consider the statement, "if a parallelogram is a square,then it is a

a)decide whether it is true or false.
b)Write a converse
c)decide whether the converse is true or false.

3.draw figure in a coordinate plane and write a coordinate proof
Given: Quadrilateral ABCD with A (-5,0), B (3,-1) C(6,1), D(-2,2)
Prove: ABCD is a parallelogram

i drew the figure but i dont know how to do the rest of that one.. and
the other 2 i dont understand how to do.. if someone could please help
me with these thatd be great.. thanks.