Date: Oct 23, 1996 2:50 PM
Author: Dennis Hanks
Subject: What's MegaMath all about?

What's MegaMath all about?

I saw this informercial about this "Human Calculator" Scott Flansburg who
rattled off numbers as fast as the host of the show could punch in the
numbers into his calculator. The program said that an easier way to add,
subtract, multiply, divide, etc could be taught in a matter of hours.

Has anybody had experience with this program? I was kinda suspicious
because the guy failed to teach the viewers one single method of how these
problems are solved.

He mentioned that this program is for ages 7 and up. If it's so great,
why not teach children at an earlier stage?

Anyway, If you can tell me about this MegaMath program please email me


---Dennis Hanks