Date: Feb 1, 1997 1:57 PM
Subject: Re: Inclusion research

In article <58bmr6$>, (Stan Hollenbeck) writes:
>Patricia A. Rose ( wrote:
>: As far as inclusion goes- flexible grouping is a must. Yes,
>: there are times when gifted children need to be with their
>: intellectual peers!
>: To assume that heterogeneous grouping could possibly benefit
>: gifted children in their own educational and intellectual
>: growth when all students are consistently taught at the same
>: rate using the same methods is truly nothing short of
>: ridiculous. ALL children deserve the right to be challenged by
>: quality not quantity.
>: Read the story " Harrison Bergeron " by Kurt
>: Vonnegut- it says it all.
>Absolute drivel! I will never accept a concept of a "gifted" class

I will speak as a parent who has been frustrated and angered by those
who refuse to admit "giftedness," or *any* sort of "betterness"
intellectually exist, so that they may advance their wornout liberal
agendas (yup, *I* can say this because I was one too!). Leave our
kids alone, and out of your social planning efforts...or we *all*
suffer! Children should be with their peers and allowed to learn
at a pace appropriate for them...NOT some middleground!

>anymore than I will a "dummy" class. We have all seen the mistake of
>putting someone on a pedestal or locking someone in the cellar.
>Every teacher should be pushing for individualizing their student's
>education through discovery and project teaching as much as is possible.
>This allows the genuinely gifted to rise and lead (as they should in real
>The only exception to this is those children who have exhibited
>exceptional talent in any area. They should have special classes to
>nurture their particular talent outside the regular classroom.
>The term "gifted" is a very effete word that leads one to ask the
>question "By whom?" Too many children are deemed "gifted" because they test
>well, are better students, or are simply better behaved.
>: " People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do. "