Date: Jul 4, 2001 9:25 AM
Author: Alan
Subject: Looking for a geometry Textbook

Hi, I am going to be teaching a class of home schoolers geometry. I am
looking for recommendations on a "good geometry book" to use. The
book should be targeted for the honors student (or college student).
My perspective on what makes a good book is one that rigorously covers
Euclidian geometry with emphasis on formal proof and little or no
constructions. I have no problems with books that use real world
examples and hands on explorations, but the ones that I have seen that
go this direction do so at the expense of the rigor. Also we have no
computers in the classroom.

One book I have seen a description of on the web is "Essentials of
Geometry for College Students" by Lial, Steffensen & Johnson. Has
anyone used this book and would like to comment?

Currently we are using Barbara Pools college algebra text and I am
just ecstatic with how this book working out. The kids get a real kick
that they are woring from a college text. Thanks for any help!

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