Date: Mar 25, 2000 3:37 PM
Author: Julio Gonzalez Cabillon
Subject: Re: [HM] L'Hopital, Pythagoras, Ptolemy and Hilbert

[John Conway]
| Since de l'Hopital actually paid Bernoulli for the right to publish
| some of the latter's results as his, shouldn't we respect their
| agreement by continuing to use his name?

[Julio GC]
> But, John, the story is quite different. L'Hospital did NOT pay
> Bernoulli _for the right to publish_ anything at all, and so
> there was not such an agreement.

[John Conway]
| Tell me more, Julio! I wonder where I got this story from?

Let me address your second remark first. You may have gotten this story
from many sources -- since most secondary sources repeat and repeat the
same old story time and again, without taking the trouble of checking
primary sources. This is what our friend David has called "the expansion
of the tradition".

As to the first part, the story is very complex. My short answer just
pointed out that it was plainly wrong to state that "L'Hospital
actually paid Bernoulli __for the right to publish__ Bernoulli's
results as L'H's own results". You will not find such an agreement (as
far as I know) within their correspondence. However, if my memory serves
me well, you certainly will find an article published in Acta Eruditorum
(1704) in which Johann B. "creams" L'H for his piggish attitude. We still
find pigs here, there, and everywhere. _La universidad no acorta las
orejas y muchos menos ensen~a modales_. So I don't expect to get rid of
pigs in the near future.

Kind regards, Julio

PS By the way, los derechos de autor se dividen en intelectuales y
patrimoniales. Los intelectuales son intransferibles (en la mayoria de los
paises) a menos que uno mienta. M. Jackson posee los derechos patrimoniales
de canciones de los Beatles, puede lucrar con ellas. M. Jackson NO posee
los derechos intelectuales, esto es, no puede editar un CD que diga
"Yesterday" written MJ, instead of Lennon/McCartney despite he paid for
the right to use/sell/publish the songs.