Date: Mar 3, 1995 10:55 AM
Author: Annie Fetter
Subject: Re: The Standards

Here's what it (now) says in the info file for the list:

"NCTM Standards" is the nickname given to the set of math education reform
documents published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:

"Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics" (1989)
"Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics" (1991)
"Assessment Standards for School Mathematics" (forthcoming in 1995)

Volumes 1-2 can be obtained for $25 each from NCTM in Reston, Virginia by
calling 1-800-235-7566 and asking for Item #396E1B or Item #439E1B,

As has been mentioned on this group, there are other companion publications
that fall under the wide umbrella of "Standards publications".