Date: Apr 9, 1995 9:49 PM
Author: Mark Priniski
Subject: Subject: Re: TI-82/CBL Activities

I tried mailing this earlier, directly to Nique Page, but it bounced back...

>Subject: Re: TI-82/CBL Activities
>Have you looked at "Concepts in Algebra: A Technological Approach"
>published by Janson Publishing? It is a texted developed from a program
>orginally called "Computer Intensive Algebra" I have been teaching from
>this text for 3 years now and really enjoy it. It contains many activities
>that I think would meet your needs. It was meant to be used with
>computers, but I have found it all accessable with the TI-82.
>Hope this is of help.

>> I am compiling activities for the TI-82 and/or the CBL to be used
>>with Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 classrooms. I have the activities included
>>with the CBL. I am especially interested in activities for the study of
>>linear equations, slope, intecept, and interpreting graphs. If anyone has
>>any good activities, I would appreciate the info. Thanks in advance : )
>>Nique Page
>>Jackson Co. High School
>>Jefferson, GA

>Mark Priniski Pioneering Partner '93
>Rib Lake High School
>Rib Lake, WI 54470

Mark Priniski Pioneering Partner '93
Rib Lake High School
Rib Lake, WI 54470