Date: Apr 17, 1995 12:27 PM
Author: Jill A. Dumesnil
Subject: 5th Grade Activity

I'm an Assistant Professor of Mathematics who has been asked to  
prepare 45 minutes to an hour of "meaningful enrichment activity" for
gifted and talent fifth graders for this friday. The short notice
and my inexperience with elementary-aged children has me a bit
anxious. All of my experience has been teaching college mathematics.

I'm thinking of doing something basic on the concept of infinity and
the different "sizes" of infinity. It's been my (extremely limited)
experience that it's "easy" to convince children that there are
infinitely many real numbers between 0 and 1 by considering the
unitary fractions (with numerator 1). They quickly see that there
are infinitely many of these and "many more" numbers than these
between 0 and 1. Does anyone have any ideas for activities or
materials that I could use? I appreciate your help.

Jill A. Dumesnil

Stephen F. Austin State Univ.

Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3040