Date: Apr 24, 1995 9:03 PM
Author: Sean Keller (Deerfield Academy)
Subject: Summer Technology Conference

Still some openings available for this conference!

WHAT: 1995 Summer Institute for High School Mathematics Teachers on Using
Technology to Enhance the Teaching and Learning of AP Calculus
WHEN: Sunday afternoon, July 16, through Friday afternoon, July 21
WHERE: Deerfield Academy, an independent boarding school located in the
middle of a National Historic District village in western
Massachusetts. Dormitory room and meals for five days and nights
will be provided at the Academy.
PROGRAM: Ray Barton, an experienced workshop leader from Olympus High
School (Salt Lake City, Utah) will lead the program, which follows
the general outline of the Ohio State University Calculus with
Computer and Calculator Enhancement (C3E) Institute.
COST: Thanks to a generous grant from Texas Instruments, the workshop cost,
including all materials, meals, and lodging, will be $350.
There will also be a special opportunity to purchase a TI-82
calculator for $60.
OTHER: Enrollment limited to the first 30 participants.
MORE INFORMATION: Contact Sean Keller in any of the following ways:
Mail: Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA 01342
Work Phone: 413-772-0241
FAX: 413-774-6629

Please contact me soon if you are interested or want more information.

Sean Keller FAX:413-774-6629
Deerfield Academy School:413-772-0241
Deerfield, MA 01342