Date: Dec 11, 1995 11:10 PM
Author: Anne Wheelock
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For those interested in discussion of math programs going on on other lists....

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>Subject: Saxon math
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>I wrote for, and just received, a copy of "Statistics: Text scores and
>enrollment statistics of students and schools throughout the United
>States prior to and after use of the Saxon program."
>The booklet has a date of January, 1995, and was compiled by Saxon
>Publishers. A free copy can be obtained: 1-800-284-7019.
>The booklet contains about 62 cases scores or enrollment before
>adopting Saxon text and scores or enrollment after adopting Saxon.
>There are also two studies in which control classrooms in the same
>school used a different textbook and the test results were compared.
>(Now, why didn't more schools do this?).
>All results show text score or enrollment gains from before Saxon to
>after Saxon. Many of these are very impressive.
>There are also time lines showing scores for each successive
>year of Saxon math, and these are also impressive.
>Test scores include ACT, ITBS, CTBS,SAT, and CAT; AP calculus scores,
>and scores on statewide math texts in Indiana, Missouri,Michigan,
>South Carolina, and Texas.
>Reports also show growth in number of students taking calculus, advance
>math, algebra 1, Intermediate Algebra, chemistry, and physics.
>There are two reports of students placing high in area contests in
>math in Vermont and in Colorado, pre and post Saxon.
>One limitation of these results is that they may have only published
>success stories. Another limitation is that only two studies contained
>control classrooms in the same school.
>Nonetheless, I know of no other program that has published results
>such as these.
>I do not think it fair to criticize Saxon by saying, as some have,
>that there are outcomes that these tests and enrollment figures
>did not measure, and Saxon was probably poor on those unmeasured
>outcomes. Nor is it appropriate, given these results, to dismiss
>Saxon as a thoughtless skill and drill program.
>I wish there were independent studies evaluating Saxon math programs.
>This could be a good topic for a master's or doctoral thesis.
>Barak Rosenshine
>College of Education, U of Illinois
>1310 S. 6th
>Champaign, IL 6l820

Anne Wheelock
Boston, Massachusetts