Date: Feb 22, 1995 9:31 AM
Author: Andre TOOM
Subject: Re: [CALC-REFORM:2023] Hard To Believe

On Wed, 22 Feb 1995, MADD wrote:
> I've just got the following message from the Internet. The origin is
> unknown, and I don't know whether it's true or not. Could anyone
> check that and let me know?
> =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
> In the December 15, 1993 issue of The Chronicle Of Higher Education,
> page A19, in an article discussing MBA programs; Lawrence E. McKibbin,
> Dean of Business at Washburn University of Topeka is quoted as saying:
> "You've got to remember there are at least 35 schools in the top 10."

This is great ! And I expect that there will be more. Perhaps the
next president will promise that by the ende of his or her term
all schools will be in the top 10 ! Andrei Toom