Date: May 2, 1995 3:27 PM
Author: David Scott Powell
Subject: Re: Proofs

>Hey Max:
> We don't want to sound hostile either (or maybe some of us do),
>but if you ask for help from this group, expect it! We'll provide you
>with hints, suggestions, and the answer if you'd like. But we will

Is that really what we do when students ask for help is give them the
answer? I would think a better idea would be to ask why an 8th grader is
doing proofs in a math class? Does he really know what is going on? Am I
the only one worried about this? Are just supposed to give hints or
whatever without really finding out why the student even cares. What do
you think?

> And, by the way, your justification for step #4 is not quite the
>correct one (but then you've probably be told that a couple of thousand
>times by now) but then again, my kids make the same mistake.

I am not sure I totally agree with you here. I think that putting SSA for
this case(right triangles) is fine. The problem here is does Max know

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