Date: Jul 1, 1995 10:34 AM
Author: Norm Krumpe
Subject: Re: lecture topics

>There are so many lecture topics it would be difficult to name them. 
>Example: the introduction of triangle trig. You can teach the definitions of
>the sine, cosine and tangent for common angles between 0 and 90 degrees--
>also other angles using the calculator and do a few short applications (my
>first lecture in trig). Of course this, like all of my lectures is a very
>give and take situation with the odd irrelevant story tossed in every 10
>minutes of so (these are children were dealing with after all).

IMO, I think high school students are certainly capable of exploring
properties of triangles that they could discover the ratios of
opposite:hypotenuse, etc. via their explorations. The teacher would, of
course, want to make sure students know the terminology (i.e. sine, cosine,
tangent) we give to these ratios.

BTW, odd irrelevant stories can be wonderful, but I think adults need them
just as much as kids...

Norm Krumpe