Date: Jul 8, 1995 7:20 AM
Author: Karen Dee Michalowicz
Subject: Cooperative or collaborative learning?

I am curious if those using "cooperative learning" are really
cooperative learning or collaborative learing. As a model for
pedagogy, cooperative learning usually implies a formal
grouping of three or four students using a leader, recorder,
etc. There are certain expectations of each member of the
group. Collaborative learning is simply putting students into
groups to work together as a group. There may be some formal
structure to the group but not the "stricture" that cooperative
groups require.

Sometimes there is a big misunderstanding among educators about
what cooperative learning really is. You can't call it
cooperative, so the experts say, unless it follows a particular
model. Most mathematics educators follow Slavin's model (he's
at Johns Hopkins).

In my own classes, both with children and adults, I use
collaborative learing and vary the size of the groups dependent
on the group needs. I have always had pretty good succes with
"Think/Share Pairs" , too.


Karen Dee

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