Date: Jul 10, 1995 7:46 PM
Author: Cathy Brady
Subject: AAAS Benchmarks

Ok I truly get annoyed at all the benchmarks, outcomes, and standards
written to reform little ol' me, when I think I am the source of any
reform that happens in my classroom and I suspect that I get paid a lot
less than those who work on those committees. But there are uses for
them. They do affirm that I'm not alone in my approaches. They provide
justification for what I want to do (Some might say that they are written
broadly enought to justify anything?)

But I didn't start writing this to vent my scepticism. I wanted to
mention the AAAS Benchmarks, the second step in the Science for All
Americans 2061 process. I think these benchmarks - particularly the math
benchmarks - are great and I am disappointed not to hear them mentioned at
NCTM conferences I have attended. I would hope that NCTM was in the
business of aiding it's members to teach mathematics besides "pushing"
its own literature.

Cathy Brady Math Specialist/Education Maryland Science Center
The monk picks up his bag "Beyond Numbers"
and walks off. Baltimore's Inner Harbor